Competition instructions (WRE)

Competition instructions (WRE)

Preliminary competition instructions, final version 14.5.2015 in the competition center

PRISMA-rastit 14.5.2014 Lohja

Open national orienteering race, Finnish Huippuliiga event and World Ranking Event.

The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF) and WRE-rules apply together with the instructions given by the organizer.

Competition Map: In WRE-classes the scale of the map is 1:15 000 and the contour interval is 5m. Maps are offset printed (5/2015). In WRE-classes the size of the map is A4. Maps will be provided in plastic cover. Competition map can be seen in start.

Terrain: The competition area is various: with rocky hill area, partly bare rock, there are few paths. In some places there is thinning waste. Because of spring the visibility is mostly good. The difference in height is 25-30 meters.

Top league (Huippuliiga)

In Huippuliiga class H21E phi loops forking method will be used. There will be own maps provided for odd and even-numbered runners.

GPS-tracking is used in Huippuliiga. Number vests are used as competition numbers. Both GPS- and number vests are available before start next to the Huippuliiga start. Both vests need to be returned after the competition.

In the classes H/D21E and H/D21EB there will be map exchange approximately in the middle of the course. Competitor leaves the used map at the map exchange point and picks up the new map by him/herself from the map holder. The map exchange control will be manned. The competitor is responsible for picking up a correct map in the map exchange.

The organizers will provide water as refreshment alongside with the map exchange. It is possible for runners to bring own refreshments to the map exchange point.

There is a possibility to do warm up orienteering with a warm up map. The warm up terrain is located on the southern side of the competition center. The warm up maps are available from Huippuliiga start.

First start for H21E (M21E) is at 10.00 and D21E (W21E) at 11.56

Classes, lenghts and starting places:  


















Last control: There are two last controls in Prisma-rastit. The other is for Huippuliiga and the other for the rest of the classes. Follow the marked route to the finish.

Maximum running time in WRE-classes 120 min

Complaints can be made at “Itkumuuri” situated near finish line. Complaints have to be given inside 15 minutes after the complete result list of that particular class has been published.

Start procedure in Huippuliiga:

The start is at the competition center.

5 minutes before the start: Competitors are called at the pre-start. GPS-logger will be activated

4 minutes before the start: Control descriptions (H21E even and odd) and emit control slips are available.

3 minutes before the start: Competitor can punch the Emit unit.

2 minutes before the start: Competitor can view the competition map.

1 minute before the start: Competitor moves to the start gate.

The competitor takes the map from the bucket marked with correct class (H21E even and odd).

Emit control slips and control codes: Control codes are available from the start and are also printed on the map. Emit control slips will be available at the start area. The size of the control code papers is 52x140mm.

Punching: The EMIT punching system will be used in competition. Competitor is responsible for his/hers fully functioning EMIT card and are advised to verify EMIT cards number from start list.  Competitor will be disqualified if wrong EMIT card is used at the competition. Please inform organizers of the change of your EMIT cards number at latest 12.5.2014. Emit cards may be rented from the organizer (Info booth) in advance.  An extra fee of 70€ will be charged for a lost or not returned Emit card.

Model control: You may try punching at a model control. The model control is located at the event center.

Forbidden areas: Fields with black dots on yellow as well as house yards are forbidden areas. The other forbidden areas are marked on the competition map with the forbidden area sign. It is allowed to use roads and paths that go completely through yard areas.


Online-finish punching will be used at the finish-line. The finish will be closed at 16.00. Maps are not collected after the race, remember fair play.

Drop-outs: A competitor who has dropped out must exit the terrain via the marked finishing route through the finish area to the Emit check-out point and report the drop-out at the Emit check-out point.

First Aid: At the competition center.

Prizes: Prizes are awarded after the final results are ready. Follow the instructions from the organizers. Prize money will be provided for the three best in Huippuliiga as follows: 1. 500 €, 2. 350 €, 3. 150 €.

Competition Manager: Juhani Ahola

Leader of the course planning team: Jarkko Saarinen

Competition controller, WRE classes: Jouko Jylhä

Jury: chairman: Ari Enroth, Rajamäen Rykmentti, members: Tuija Soanjärvi, Lynx and Pekka Kanste, Ok Raseborg