Welcome to PRISMA -rastit

National Orienteering Competition, Top League 3. Stage and World Ranking Event (WRE)

PRISMA–rastit in Lohja 9.5.2013


Classes and distances
Middle distances: H/D21E, H/D21A, H/D21C, H/D35, H/D40, H/D45, H/D16, H/D18, H/D20.

Long distances: H/D50, H/D55, H/D60, H/D65, H/D70, H/D75, H/D80, H/D85, H/D15, H/D14.

Children: H/D10RR, H/D12TR, H/D12, H/D13.

Elite series H21E and D21E with permission from the Finnish Orienteering Federation FOF.

Runners in H/D21E-classes will be chosen according to FOF instructions.

Other runners registered for class E will be transferred to class A.

Runners in Top League are obliged to use GPS equipment.

Estimated time for Top League winner 30-35 min.



Not later than 2.5.2013, via IRMA-service.


H/D21E: 36 €, H/D18-85: 17 €, other categories: 11 €, via IRMA-service.
When registrating, pls state your Emit –number, or reserve a rental card(3 €).

For disappeared card organizers will charge 80 €.

Late entries

via IRMA-service, or by email timo.kokko@kokkens.fi at double fees, not later than 5.5.2013  24.00. If you register by other means than IRMA-service, please pay the fee immediately onto the bank account of Hiidenkiertäjät.
Bank details from  timo.kokko@kokkens.fi.
-  No late entries for Huippuliiga!

First start

10.00 AM. Distance from CC to start 800 m.


from Lempola roundabout on highway 25; intersection between Lohjanharjun moottoriliikennetie( 25 ) and Lohjanharjuntie ( 1125 ), distance ca 2 minutes. 

From Motorway 1 take junction 23 to enter road 25.
Guidance on site at 6 AM, 9th May.

GPS-address: Lehmijärventie 1, Lohja.

Map (Link)

Parking: in shopping center, distance to CC c. 1 km. Parking fee 2 €.

You will receive a guidance/warm-up map in the parking place.


Printed 5/2013, scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m. Map sizes  A4S and A4. Maps are provided in plastic cover.

Punching system: Emit.


Open classes

2 different courses: easy 3 km, and 6 km advanced. Fee 8 €.

Start between 10 and 12 AM. Registration, rental Emit cards, and payment at start.  
Distance CC – start c. 800 m.

Dressing: Outdoors.

Washing facilities: indoors at Mäntynummi School, c. 1 km from CC, in the direction of parking.

There will be Child care(minimum age 2 years) and a Cafeteria in the Competition Center.



Event director: Pekka Luoma, +358 (0)50 336 5658  
Course setters: Petri Forsman (Top League) and Jarkko Saarinen

Kari Mamia (children’s courses).
Controller: Arto Niemi, Rajamäen Rykmentti.

Top League controller TA Hannu Pyy.


Terrain: This year’s  Prisma-rastit and Top League will be run in an area where no previous orienteering map has been drawn.  Motorway 1 runs through the massive hill-area, typical for Lohja, but the terrain still offers demanding orienteering tasks, in addition to physical challenges.

For more information please contact

Event director Pekka Luoma, +358 (0)50 336 5658, email: peki.luoma@dnainternet.net


Kaisa Halme, +358 (0)40 869 8350, email: kaisa.halme@pp.inet.fi


For further information; instructions, start times, results etc., pls consult our home page.

Welcome to PRISMA -rasteille!