PRISMA-rastit in Lintukiima, Lohja 27th May–28th May 2017

Update: Class H75L added. / 20.5.2017 Essi Kangasaho
Update: Open courses on both days. / 26.4.2017 Essi Kangasaho
Update: Class HD10 removed. / 10.5.2017 Essi Kangasaho​


Open national 2-day orienteering competition. The World Cup competitions will be organized at the same time and they use the same competition centre.

Competition Rules: The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF) apply together with the instructions given by the organizer.

Classes: HD21E, HD21A, HD21AL, HD35, H35L, HD40, H40L, HD45, H45L, HD50, H50L, HD55, H55L, HD60, H60L, HD65, H65L, HD70, H70L, HD75, H75L, HD80, H85, HD20E (on Sunday), HD20, HD18, HD16E (on Sunday), HD16, HD15, HD14, HD13, HD12, HD12TR, HD10RR.


40 runners in the class H21E and 30 runners in the class D21E will be selected based on the ranking position on Finnish ranking list 2016. In addition to Finnish runners, max 10 foreign runners can be chosen to H21E and max 5 foreign runners can be chosen to D21E. Selected foreign runners must be at least on equal level as chosen Finnish runners. Additionally, the organizer can choose max 3 runners to both classes discretionarily. Runners not chosen in E-classes will be moved to classes H/D21A, with no refund.

Course Lengths: Classes H/D15 and older have elongated middle distance races on Saturday (30-45 min) and long distance races on Sunday. In children’s classes, the races are long distance races on both days. Winning times in H/D21E will be 35 minutes on Saturday and 80/65 minutes on Sunday.

Open Courses: There are open orienteering courses both on Saturday and on Sunday. Courses on Saturday: A (difficult, 5,5 km), B (intermediate 4 km) and C (easy 2,5 km). Courses on Sunday: A (difficult, 5,5 km), B (difficult 4 km), C (easy 4 km) and D (easy 2,5 km). The start is open between 12 pm and 2 pm. Entries (10 €), rental Emit cards and payment at info desk at the competition centre.

String Orienteering/Siilisuunnistus: For the youngest kids, there will be a non-competitive string orienteering course, Siilisuunnistus, provided at the competition centre both on Saturday and Sunday. Siilisuunnistus is free of charge. Entries at the competition centre.

Entry Fees for two days: H/D21E (44 €), H/D17-20E, H/D16E (22 €, only Sunday), H/D21A, H/D35-85, H/D35-80, H/D18-20 (40 €), H/D12-16, H/D12TR, H/D10RR (24 €). Open courses (10 €, only Sunday). Entry fee for one day is half of the fee for two days. String orienteering is free of charge.

Terrain: The terrain with relatively big height differences consists of different type of areas. In parts of the terrain, there are detailed bare rock hills. In other parts, there are heath containing areas with some deep depressions. There are also areas used for forestry, with loggings and forests of different ages.

Map: Maps are made by Arvo Paulin, offset-printed 5/2017, 6-coloured, A3 and A4 sizes. On Saturday, the maps are at a scale of 1:10 000 for classes H/D10-55 and 1:7 500 for classes H/D60-85. On Sunday, the maps are at 1: 15 000 for classes H/D21E, H/D21A, H/D20E and H/D16E, 1:7 500 for classes H/D60-85, and 1:10 000 for H/D21AL and the rest. H/D10RR and H/D12TR have printed maps in A5 size. Maps are in plastic covers.

Entries: Entries by midnight on Sunday 21st May. Entries are done using IRMA-system. Instructions for foreign runners not representing a Finnish club:

Late Entries: Late entries using IRMA-system or by email by midnight on Tuesday 23rd with double entry fee. Late entry competitors must pay the entry fee immediately to Hiidenkiertäjät ry; Bank: Länsi-Uudenmaan Säästöpankki; Bank address: Laurinkatu 48, 08100 Lohja, Finland; BIC: ITELFIHH; IBAN: FI4340061040024444. The participant shall pay all bank transfer fees.

Punching System: Emit punching system will be used in all classes (except String orienteering). Provide your Emit card number in your registration. Organizer will reserve a rental Emit card (5 € / competition) for participants who have not provided an Emit card number. Rental Emit cards can be picked up at info desk at the competition centre. Charge for a lost rental Emit card is 70 €.

Starts: The first start is at 10 am on Saturday and on Sunday. Interval starts on both days. H/D20E and H/D16E have start quarantine on Sunday. Distances to starts are max 2 km for adults and 1 km for children.

Signposting: Driving instructions will be signposted from the cross of roads Hyönöläntie (road 127) and Somerontie (road 280). The distance from there to the competition centre is approximately 1 km. Signposts from 7 am on Saturday 27th May. Address for navigation: Somerontie 1248, Lohja. It is only allowed to come to the competition centre following the signposted route.

Parking: At the competition centre and in close proximity. Distance to the competition centre max 1 km. Parking fee for two days 5 €, one day 3€. Parking fees cover the costs of the land use for the land owners.

Prizes: Prizes are given based on the total time of both races in all classes except H/D20E and H/D16E. In those classes, the prizes are given based on the results of Sunday’s competition. All the participants in H/D10RR-classes get a prize.

Dressing and Showers: Outside in close proximity to the competition centre. It is not allowed to use soap.

Day Care/Muksula: There is a day care service at the competition centre for children over two years. The day care service is free of charge. Entries by 21st May using a form on More instructions on the competition website.

Food and Drink: There is a canteen at the competition centre on both days. The canteen provides cafeteria products and soup lunch.

Main Officials: Competition Manager: Juhani Ahola,, p. +358 44 212 8637, Course Manager: Arvo Paulin, Adults’ races: Matti Viirto, Children’s races: Kari Mamia, Course Controller Tapani Valonen, Karkki-Rasti

Information officer: Essi Kangasaho, p. +358 50 306 4660

Training: Training possibilities are organized by Hiidenkiertäjät. For more information, visit

Additional information: Competition instructions, start times and other information: