Competition Instructions (WRE Bulletin 2)

IOF World Ranking Event 30.5.2019
Prisma-rastit, Middle distance
Lohja – Finland
Bulletin 2


Event organizer

Orienteering club Hiidenkiertäjät

Main officials

Event director:                                                            Kari Hara
Course setter:                                                            Jarkko Saarinen
Result service:                                                           Timo Kokko, T:mi Kokkens
WRE contact person:                                                 Ville Luoma, ville.v.luoma(#), +358440476070
IOF Event Adviser and Technical Adviser:                Tapani Koskela (FOF)
Course controller:                                                       Matti Mäkirinne, Suomusjärven Sisu


To be announced. Names of the jury members can be seen from the information/results board at the arena.

Event website


The terrain consists mainly of forested, rocky hillslopes and plateaus rich in details but with mainly good runnability, separated by depressions with more dense vegetation and few small lakes. Maximum altitude difference is 30 meters. There are some forest roads, paths and harvesting tracks.


Scale: 1:10 000, contour interval: 5 m, 6-colour offset printing 5/2019. Mapping made by Arvo Paulin. The competition maps are in plastic cases. Old map (2004) of the competition area can be viewed here.

Maps are not collected after finish, athletes are not allowed to show the map for other competitors prior to their start. Remember fair play.

Entries received

Entries via Finnish IRMA system can be viewed via this link

Entries via IOF Eventor can be viewed via this link

Event information

Competition rules

The rules of Finnish Orienteering Federation and International Orienteering Federation will be applied in the competition. The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website (only in Finnish).

Spiked shoes are forbidden in the competition, but shoes with studs are permitted. A competitor selected to GPS-tracking must use the GPS-tracking device provided by the organizers.

Classes and winning times

Classes M21E and W21E have WRE status. Participants in classes M/W21E will be selected according to world ranking list and to the Finnish Orienteering Federations special instructions for a Finnish national team selection race. Middle distance in WRE classes. Estimated winning times 35 min in M21E and W21E.

Punching system

The electronic punching system Emit will be used. Rental Emit cards are available from the event organizer, fee 5 €. Need for Emit card rental must be issued with the entry. If the rental Emit card is not returned after the competition there will be a charge of 70 €.

Event programme

The first start of the competition is at 11:00 am. A quarantine zone for WRE-competitors in classes M21E and W21E (NO Quarantine in classes M21EB, M21EC and W21EB).

Quarantine (only classes M21E and W21E)

For WRE-classes M21E and W21E there will be quarantine. No quarantine in WRE-classes M21EB, M21EC and W21EB. Quarantine opens at 10.00. All the competitors in classes M21E and W21E must have signed in to the quarantine zone by 11.30. The quarantine is located in a club house 600 meters from the arena. Follow route marked with tapes (check the color of the tapes leading to quarantine at the arena). Number bibs for M21E and W21E are at the quarantine and are given for the athletes while signing in to the quarantine. Own safety pins.

If an athlete fails to enter the quarantine within the set time, he/she will be not allowed to start.

There are indoor facilities and toilets in the quarantine zone. No shoes indoors. Water is provided. Clothing and equipment transport from quarantine every 30 minutes. The clothes will be delivered close to competition INFO. Own bags for the transport.

From quarantine, there is 1600 meters to Start 1. Follow the route marked with tapes. The signposting will start from quarantine zone. There are 2 toilets 350 meters prior to Start 1.

Small warm-up map is available at the quarantine zone. It is allowed to enter the warm-up map area and then return back to quarantine, otherwise after leaving for start, the competitor is not allowed to return back to quarantine.



Start 1 and start procedure

Distance to Start 1 is 2100 m for classes M21EB, M21EC and W21EB. For classes M21E and W21E distance to quarantine zone is 600 meters and from there further 1600 meters to Start 1. Emit-safety slips are available at the start.

Call in 4 minutes before start time. Control descriptions are available.
3 minutes before start Emit-clear.
2 minutes before start the competition map is available.
1 minute before start the athlete moves next to his/her map.
The athlete may take the map at the moment of start.

Number bibs

For classes M21E and W21E, number bibs are given in the sign-in to the quarantine zone. All other classes (including M21EB, M21EC and W21EB) have their number bibs at the arena close to competition INFO. Own safety pins.

Course length, total climb, number of controls and number of refreshment points



Length, km

Total climb, m

Number of controls








































Control descriptions

Control descriptions are available at the start, 4 minutes prior to start. No equipment is provided for fastening the control description. Control descriptions are also printed on the map. The dimensions of control description are as follows:


Dimensions of control description, mm


132 x 48


120 x 48


114 x 48


114 x 48


102 x 48



Complaints must be submitted within 15 minutes after the last WRE-competitor in the class in question has finished. Complaints can be submitted at the finish/competition office.

Maximum running time

120 minutes.


The Arena is located on an industrial area in location 60°12'48.7"N 23°40'15.8"E.


The driving route to the official parking area will be singposted from all four directions about 1 km before the junction of roads 104 and 186. Distance to parking from the junction of roads 104 and 186 is approximately 3 km. Parking fee 2 €/car. Use only the official parking area. Important! There will be bus transport from the parking area to competition arena and back. Buses will be in traffic between 9.00 and 16.30. The travel time by bus is ca. 10 minutes. Reserve enough time for transport, many competitors will arrive simultaneously. Transport is included in the parking fee. It is also possible for participants to bike or walk to arena (distance about 3 km).

Map link to junction of roads 104 and 186 (start of the signposting to parking).

Transport schedule

Bus transport from parking to arena and back between 9.00 and 16.30. Several buses will be in traffic but reserve enough time for transport. The travel time by bus is ca. 10 minutes. Transport is included in the parking fee. It is also possible for participants to bike or walk to arena (distance about 3 km).


General map of the region and the embargoed area

The embargoed area is indicated on the map below


Entries and entry fees

Entries and payments should be made primarily through IRMA service or alternatively via Eventor (those who don`t have access to IRMA service). All WRE competitors make an entry to classes M/W21 E. Entry fee in WRE classes is 38 €. Emit card number must be included in the entry. Need for Emit card rental must be issued with the entry. If Emit card number is missing, the organizer will reserve an Emit card and charge 5 €.

The IOF World Ranking system only uses the Latin alphabet from A to Z. It is very important for all runners to check that the information about them is correct. Please check the following: the spelling of your first and last name, year of birth and nationality. If you find any mistakes, please report them via email changes athletedata(at) When reporting, make sure you add your complete birth date (day, month, year)

It is not possible to pay through Eventor. The bank details for entry fee payment without access to IRMA are as follows:

Account owner: Hiidenkiertäjät ry
Bank name: Länsi-Uudenmaan Säästöpankki
Bank address: Laurinkatu 48, 08100 LOHJA, FINLAND
IBAN: FI43 4006 1040 0244 44

Entries and payments have to be made no later than Thursday, May 23 rd, 2019 at 23:59. No late entries allowed.


WRE athletes have to include their IOF IDs in their entry. Athletes who don`t have yet an IOF ID will get one by registering a user account in IOF Eventor:


In late May the weather in southern Finland can be anything from warm and sunny (20-30 degrees Celsius) to chilly, windy and rainy (0–10 degrees C). Competitors should be prepared for all weather.

Accommodation and food

Café/grill and restaurant at the arena. Restaurant serves warm lunch and soup of the day (pasta carbonara/minced meat soup/vegetable soup) at moderate cost from 11 o’clock onwards. Bread rolls, snacks etc. can be bought from the café/grill.

For accommodation, the organizers recommend Kisakallio Sports Institute and Lohja local travel service

Toilets and shower

Are available at the arena. There are also toilets in the quarantine zone and two (2) bajamaja-toilets on the way to Start 1. Please look after the environment.

Training opportunities

Pre-set training courses can be bought from Hiidenkiertäjät (contact Jarkko Saarinen jarkkosaarinen85(#)

Local training events organized by Hiidenkiertäjät every Tuesday starting from 16.5.2019, free start between 17.00-18.30, for further information, see

Final event instructions and start times

There will be more information on the organizer`s web page


Hiidenkiertäjät welcomes all athletes to Lohja and wishes good luck for all participants in Prisma-rastit.